Discover your authentic self Unlock the power within and MANIFEST your life with PASSION and PURPOSE

Download your FREE 6 steps to boost your manifesting


Discover your authentic self Unlock the power within and MANIFEST your life with PASSION and PURPOSE

Download your FREE 6 steps to boost your manifesting

I am a leader in spiritual knowledge and i am here to guide, teach and mentor Neurodiverse Starseeds and EMPOWER you on your journey towards discovering your authentic self to let go of what no longer serves you to become a MASTER CREATOR of your own life’s path and MANIFEST a more purposeful, happier life to reconnect you to your dreams you’re passionate about, reignite the flame within and do what lights you up bringing confidence, clarity, and complete peace of mind.


“Dive into Spirology – A Hero’s Journey, a unique fusion of science, psychology, spirituality, and mind-body connections. Delve into personal truths drawn from real-life experiences, life’s wisdom, and profound spiritual awakening. Explore Master Miracle Manifester® and Universal Numbers in this transformative journey and the discovery of my higher self.. an avian phoenix blue ray.”


“Spirology – Reflection Of Self: Embark on an intimate voyage through my raw, unfiltered thoughts, life-changing experiences, innovative ideas, and the profound research that propelled me to mastery as a Transitional Coach. Dive into this transformative journey if you resonate with being an empath, starseed and searching for your pesonal truths”

You maybe experiencing…

A feeling like you don’t fit in

♦ Spiritual awakening / ascension

♦ A lack of healthy boundaries

♦ Perfectionism

♦ At a cross roads in life and feeling lost


Ancestral wounds / trauma

♦ Not feeling heard or seen

♦ A desire to find your passion and purpose in life

♦ A want to personally develop yourself

♦ Breaking dysfunctional cycles

Want to live a more AUTHENTIC life?

I’ve been there and want you to know you deserve better and to be happy


Gain clarity and peace of mind


Manifest abundance


Be comfortable with your true authentic self the real you


Find your life's purpose and do what lights you up


Let go of limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back


Mind body soul connections


EMPOWER yourself and MANIFEST the life you want


Have confidence and believe in yourself


Learn to connect with your guides using Universal Numbers


Ignite the flame within and shine

Coaching Options

Praise from clients

I am grateful to Amanda, her enthusiasm, reassurance and very firm belief in what she does.

When I went to Amanda, I was looking to re-spark my creative nature which I had believed I lost.

Now my imagination and wonder for life, the world and myself have been reignited like a flame.

Give of yourself and have belief in yourself and Amanda will guide you

A Cifford

Civil Servant

Amanda made me feel so calm and relaxed during my hypnosis session.

She explained the process before hand and answered any questions I had about the appointment.

I have already recommended her to a friend and would like to thank her for her help with manifesting ♥

Katrina Roynan

NHS Nurse

I want to thank Amanda for the Time Line Therapy recieved.  I felt lighter after, like a weight had been lifted.

The next day I had so much clarity and new direction since the therapy I have felt more at peace of mind.

This has transformed the way I previously felt before the session.

I highly recommend Amanda for her friendly, warm approach and the difference she will make to you life

Julie Newton

Business Owner

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