Hi and welcome to the about page

my name is Amanda Bowden and I am a Transitional Coach certified in NLP and Mbit.  I’m also a mentor to Phoenix Blue Rays.

I also channel Ben who represents The 12, a conscious collective of celestial elders known to many as The Council Of Light who you can learn more about on the blog page on this website.

I have always had a passion for psychology, spirituality, mind-body and soul connections, and how it all works and decided to coin the term Spirology to encompass and bridge it all under one umbrella for easier understanding.

I absolutely LOVE personal development and empowering conscious business owners and professionals like you to discover and be your authentic self…the REAL you.

To have the confidence, peace of mind and clarity to manifest and create your life with passion and purpose to do what lights you up!

I am the author of Spirology Reflection Of Self – The Road Back To Me

And Spirology – A Hero’s Journey

The creator of Master Miracle Manifester® – Universal Numbers.

I want THE best results and solutions for you.

My home town is Cwmbran, S.Wales UK where I grew up and currently live.



I am certified in;

• NLP Coaching – Neuro Linguistic Programming

• Time Line Therapy™

• Hypnotherapy

• mBIT Coaching


I can definitely recommend this course; Amanda made it so easy to understand. First of all the minute I left her I kept seeing ’66’ – “Spend more time with family and friends” and those opportunities arose just like magic.

Last Sunday it was ’22’ and a sign to “Stand your ground” which is something I had to do in relation to my business, and it has paid off. One very important tip from Amanda, and one I practice every day before getting out of bed, is to express gratitude.

The mantra I use is “My attitude is gratitude, Thank You! Thank You!!, Thank You!!!” and it works 👍

Bernadette Nolan

Funeral Celebrant, Afterglow Funeral Celebrancy

I loved my session with Amanda, not only did she explain more about manifesting, but made it become more easily digestable by telling me about her examples of how she has manifested different things in her life.

I was really interested in learning about the Universal Numbers and how to look out for them and what they mean.

It was a really interesting session and gave me plenty of things to learn about, broadening my horizon and helping me with not only my day to day life but my business as well.

I’m now looking forward to finishing her book!

Lisa Rees

Website Developer | Trainer | Stratergist

I had a 1:1 with Amanda and she took me through her Master Miracle Manifester session, based on numerology.

I am new to numerology and Amanda took her time in explain how it works and how you can use the technique daily.

As a bonus you also get numerology cards with the number and the meaning of the numbers, which is really useful guide.

I would highly recommend speaking to Amanda if you want to know more about numerology and spirituality in general. Thank you Amanda.

Yvonne Pritchard

Business Owner

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