What is a Cycle Breaker?

A cycle breaker is the one person who consciously chooses to make a decision to break free from the dysfunctional family dynamics they were brought up in.

The person in the family who wants to consciously evolve towards a more positive way of living and being.

The maybe that due to having children of your own, you no longer want the negative and dysfunctional dynamics such as the examples below;

  • Negative behaviours (actions you do)
  • Victim mentality – why me? (effect side of life)
  • Perfectionism.
  • Negative thought patterns.
  • Trauma past down through generations unconsciously or sometimes consciously depending on whom and where it has come from such as narcissistic, dominating and controlling parenting/carers.
  • No boundaries
  • Abandon self to please others – known as dysfunctional co-dependency.
  • Most likely the care giver who takes care of everyone in the family.
  • No awareness around how to take care of self and give self-love or compassion.

Conscious cycle breakers notice these dysfunctional family patterns and over time choose to become aware of them to either let go of them, change them, or heal the wounds within to move forwards towards their truest and most authentic version of them selves which may look a little like this as they self-develop along their self-discovery journey;

  • Self-development – Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Ever unfolding of the self-discovery path of becoming the highest and truest version of self.
  • Learning new healthy boundaries.
  • Taking care of self – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Create a healthy and loving home environment for self and children.
  • Creating healthy relations ships with self and others – connection.
  • Realisation of self-worth and value.
  • Nurture self and children with compassion.
  • Learn to flow
  • Become your own hero.
  • Create your own reality as you step into the shoes of ever becoming the Master Creator of your own life.

And so much more!

Cycle breakers are generally the leaders in a family dynamic and are the first to AWAKEN spiritually to lead by example by being themselves.

The first mission of a Phoenix Blue Ray is to transmute from these low frequency dynamics.  Phoenix Blue Rays have chosen to enter into these family dynamics on a soul level to gain the highest path of ascension for soul growth, learn from the life lessons and let go of what no longer serves a positive intention, re-connect with self and higher self.

The higher self holds the blueprint to your life’s path to NAVIGATE and protect you.

Do you resonate with being the cycle breaker within your family?

I’ve been through this process myself as an Avian Phoenix Blue Ray as the bird tribes return to earth to help and assist others to ascend consciousness into 5D, and I still continue to develop myself on my own self-discovery path to my truest self.

It’s important to remember that 90% of the dysfunctional family patterns passed down are at an unconscious level and that family are not to blame as everyone is always doing the best with what resources they have in any given moment.

As Carl Juny once said; “Until the unconscious is made conscious… it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

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