If you’ve been seeing repeated numbers such as 1111… 333… 444 and you’re curious to know what they mean OR already know what they are and want to develop yourself further… Master Miracle Manifester is for you!

Master Miracle Manifester is not for you if you’re not open minded or if you’re not willing to make changes.

What is Master Miracle Manifester and how can it benefit you as a whole?

Master Miracle Manifester is a quantum navigation tool that works with both your conscious and unconscious and creates a superconscious that enables you to be your best version of you, your higher self, navigates you on your life’s path and manifest a happy and successful life with peace of mind.

It can be used to help and assist in any area of your life.  Whether that maybe personal or and business development.

Master Miracle Manifester is modelled on angel numbers and has been adapted to become more universal with Universal Numbers© being the back bone.  Universal Numbers are featured in my book, Spirology – Reflection Of Self The Road Back To Me where I wrote about my past chapters of my life experiences and how I have used them so far.

I wanted to create a self help tool to teach others to experience the joy I have experienced in my own life as they have served me well and is always evolving as so do we as we are always becoming the highest and best version of who we are.

They can be used in any area of your life, as far as your imagination and belief system will take you to manifest a happy and purposeful life, to do what lights you up with passion to be your most authentic self. 

When we create a life from what we love and enjoy, it brings more of the same back into your life due to the law of attraction which I explain in more detail of how it works along with the science and psychology behind it, hence coining the term, ‘Spirology’.

The Universal Numbers help with;

  • Gaining clarity through guidance of suggestions of what directions to take to move forwards on your life’s path.
  • Integrating changes as you go through transitions on your life’s path and or Timeline Therapy.
  • Developing a Master Miracle Manifester mindset towards becoming a Master Creator and Co-Creator.
  • Stop negative thought patterns to create a more positive outlook and thought process.
  • Re-connect you to your self as you walk your self discovery path and your higher self (soul connection).
  • Develops your to trust in yourself and your Universal Team, your guides who help, guide and assist you through out your life.
  • Bridges your conscious and unconscious to create the best and highest version of you, a super consciousness.

What you’ll learn;

  • The story behind Master Miracle Manifester and how it came about.
  • How to ground in heart space.
  • Law of attraction
  • Examples of who your Universal Team maybe made up of and how to connect with them.
  • Manifesting with Universal Numbers.
  • Suggestions on how to boost your manifesting.

If this looks, sounds and feels like it may resonate with you and want to know more, you can find further information on https://amandabowden.co.uk/services/ or take it one step further and book a face 2 face or online Master Miracle Manifester master class session with me https://amandabowden.co.uk/contact/

Are you ready to spread your wings and fly?