In my first book Spirology – Reflection Of Self, as I was writing researching and doing self development and learning of who my higher self was, I lead me to a Lemurian Blue Ray.

It’s a year on now (2023) since launching the book back last July and in that time I’ve come to learn more about Blue Rays and our purpose.

As always… take what resonates with you and discern for yourself from what I have found sound far; The first mission for a Blue Ray is breaking dysfunctional cycles in the family, healing self and creating new positive patterns as they evolve to pass on to the next generation.

  • Being the one who forges your own path to create new systems as the old dysfunctional one’s fall away in society – the creative rebels so to speak, activists who can hold space for another.
  • Blue Rays are generally the peacekeepers in the family.
  • Rather be your own boss due to not aligning with old rigid systems that put you in a box.
  • Generally the leader in the family who takes care of everyone and the first to awaken spiritually.
  • Innovative creators who are given ancient knowledge to share and teach others.
  • Seekers of truth and can see through programming that other’s can’t due to being able to connect dots well and see patterns, especially around numbers.
  • Can be very sensitive, more so as you open up and ascend your awareness.
  • Being quite sensitive as challenges unfold that we are currently seeing can sometimes cause a Blue Ray to feel as if they want to “go home” and can surface as depression due to not being grounded or not accepting the current situations.
  • Clair voyant
  • Extremely Clare sentient e.g. Feel the frequencies of music in the body
  • Prophetic dreams
  • Telepathic
  • Consciously Intuitive
  • Consciously aware of the current ascension and conscious evolution
  • Can sense shifts on a macro and micro level
  • Find it hard not to be doing something and have to be reminded that we’re human BEings.
  • Generally love water and being on a beach as it’s a reminder of home for Lemurians who are a water based ascension race.
  • Have a connection with numbers e.g. Universal Numbers 333 1414 222 444
  • Have come here to clear the throat chakra and speak your truths.
  • Master teachers when you accept you are
  • Messengers and channels to bring peace of mind and body.
  • Here to help with the ascension process and conscious evolution from 3D to 5D.
  • Have a tendency to be around people but due to being sensitive, you know when you need to retreat and take some time to recharge, especially after being in big crowds.
  • Love researching and one thing can lead to another, get excited to find new learnings.  Sometimes knowing when to stop can be a challenge at first.
  • I have a tendency that I have to finish something before doing the next thing, even when it’s not a priority – work in progress.
  • Animals and small kids generally gravitate towards you like a magnet due to your calming nature.

Blue is the colour for neurodiversity’s and many Blue Rays fit in with these description such as ASD, ADHD and Dyslexia as Blue Rays run at a higher frequency than the dense 3D energies on earth. 

I can only explain it as in learning how to be human because we don’t fit in and we’re here to learn how to BElong and at some point, be seen and step into the roles as Master spiritual teachers, way showers and leaders of new knowledge so that the next generation can build on the foundations we have set as the cycle continues for the next 13 generations before we have fully ascended as a race into the 5D.

We are currently in the foundation stages now.

The term rainbow tribe has come from the colours and frequencies of the star people who have incarnated or will be, to keep the momentum of ascension going in the right direction.

All 7 colours of the rainbow represent the electromagnetic light spectrum – hence the term “Light Workers”.

We are here to remember who we are on our paths of self discovery.

This year has also brought realisation of belonging to the Phoenix Blue Ray avian tribe / team.  I guess you can liken it with having different cultures within races, like we do on earth.

When you truly know who you are… you start to shine inside out as you align with what it is you are here for as the Universe and your Universal Team work with you.

Who are you at a core level?  A soul level? Who is your higher self and where does your higher self come from?

Taken from my new book ‘Spirology – A Hero’s Journey’ 😄  

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*Image sourced by Sharon Milne Barbour

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