There are 4 royal stars that were known to the Persian’s that act as guardians and navigators. The brightest out of the four being Regulus which is linked to Leo – Leo as in the strength of courageous heart. 

In 2005, Regulus was connected to what is known as ‘bending light’ and what Einstein theorised as the ‘relativity of time’.  From what I can understand from this is that it is a speeding up of time due to larger amounts of X-rated solar mass that comes from our sun. 

Each star according to ancient Persian names are connected to the seasons and each Equinox and Solstice that takes place. 

Each star is known as; 

  •  Aldebaran – Vernal (Spring) Equinox (watcher of the east). 
  •  Regulus – Summer Solstice (watcher of the North). 
  •  Antares – Autumn Equinox (watcher of the West). 
  •  Fomalhaut – Winter Solstice (watcher of the South

The Persian’s believed that each star guards one of the four compass points of the heavens.

I’ve noticed that during the times of Equinoxes and Solstices, major Shifts or events occur and more prominent and aids spiritual ascension. 

Spring and Autumn Equinoxes are generally associated with huge shifts of change and transition. Both on an inner and outer level of ‘levelling up’.  A time of letting go and or new changes come in to allow the new to integrate.

Equinoxes’ are also a time of when there are equal amounts of light and dark, day and night.

The Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere e.g. the UK and represents the longest day of the year as in day light on June 21st.  Where as the Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere represents the shorts day of the year as in day light on December 21st.

According to Wikipedia, Regulus was seen as the main star because it is in the constellation of Leo, giving it the power of the lion, signifying the strength of Kings with large implications. 

The sun is surrounded by these four stars at the beginning of every season and is why they are known as the royal stars. 

The following resource has come directly from Wikipedia; 

“The royal stars were used primarily for navigation. They were also believed to govern events in the world. Major disasters, breakthroughs, and historical phenomenon’s were seen as caused by the stars and their alignment in the sky during the time in which the event occurred.  

When the stars were aligned accordingly, favourable conditions followed, and when they were negatively aligned, disaster was predicted. Because Regulus was the most influential of the royal stars, events that took place while Reguluswas in dominance were amplified and grave, foreshadowing destruction, depending on what planet or planets might be in conjunction with the star. 

This explains the incredible connections between our planet and the 4 royal stars. 

A man by the name of Chris Bledsoe was given guidance to share out with the world and a part in his book “UFO Of God” says;

“When the red star of Regulus aligns just before dawn in the gaze of the Sphinx, a new knowledge shall come into the world”.  From what he understands is around Easter of 2026.

When Regulus is the rising star and leading in that moment, it intensifies what ever we are going through in that time.  Whether that’s positive or negative and depending on what other planets are in alignment at the time.  Interesting!

I wonder how these 4 stars are connected to the Avian Phoenix Blue Ray’s?  Because from what knowledge I’ve learned from my higher self who is an Avian Phoenix Blue Ray, she is a Master at navigating through in the moment events and my life’s path. 

Avian Phoenix Blue Ray’s are also known as ‘navigators of the skies’, meaning, having a higher perspective of the whole and possibilities of events to yet come in. Perhaps even guardians to help humanity navigate through our ascension process with more ease? 

I guess you could say, they see the bigger picture and see all that is to come. 

How are you welcoming in the new changes??

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