In my model of the world, manifesting simply means, creating and drawing in exactly what it is you want and desire in your life whilst taking incremental steps of action along with the intention to manifest something into your life with help from your Universal Team.

This is how I understand manifesting works from a Spirology point of view.

When setting the intention to manifest something, meaning it all starts with your thoughts and the emotional charge behind it. 

Your mind will use the RAS part of your brain (reticular activating system) along with the penial gland and send out the energy created from the intention and emotions out into the Universe, this is why it’s important to do our best when manifesting to do it from a place of calm and gratitude as best we can. 

Staying grounded in heart space as much as possible perhaps by meditating to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, specifically the vagus nerve that keeps us well balanced.  But we’re human and life can intervene sometimes, so learning and discovering who you are as a person and what you love to do will help you bring balance where possible.

Our beliefs shape our mindset and who we are at our core, they’re more powerful than you may realise.  So there is no surprise that your beliefs can either help or hinder you when manifesting which is where personal development, self-improvement and self-discovery comes into play.

Having faith, trust and BELIEVING that you can manifest what it is you want in your life along with accepting help from your Universal Team is probably the biggest part.  Although if you’re not quite at the point of being connected with you spirit guides, you can focus on how your brain works.

The other part as mentioned in the beginning is taking incremental actions moving forwards towards what it is that you want to manifest.  Whether that’s listening to your gut or whether you connect with your Universal Team for help and guidance.

All of the above;

  • Intention
  • Emotions
  • Penial gland
  • Parasympathetic nervous system
  • RAS
  • Beliefs
  • Actions

Creates the ‘LAW OF ATTRACTION’.  What you give out, so shall you receive.

Having an attitude of gratitude and a miracle mindset of ‘Expecting miracles 77’.

Miracles in my model of the world are moments of synchronicities throughout the day that happen in divine timing, at the right place and right time.

I myself use Universal Numbers such as 1111 as a Universal divine tool as a way to manifest abundance in all areas of my life, not just money, working as a team with my spirit guides who I now call my Universal Team and are part of the Master Miracle Manifester I teach clients.  

Have you ever asked yourself what it is that YOU want to manifest into YOUR life?